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Light Therapy

A Perfect Light’s APLightsource 2000™ unique treatment programs utilize Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and LED’s to deliver safe low level light, converting light energy (Photo-Biostimulation) into cellular energy. This process stimulates the cell’s power center to produce ATP (Adrenosine tri-phosphate) energy. The treatments are short (usually a few 20-minute sessions) and are accomplished without pain, or negative side affects.

Reduces Pain: Increases endorphin levels in human tissue and normalizes the action potential of the nervous system.

Speeds Injury Recover: Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections which are part of the healing process of wounds or inflamed tissue.

Reduces Inflammation: Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove waste products and cellular debris from the treated area.

Increases Cellular Energy: Accelerates energy production at the cellular level by activation the cell’s power plants [mitochondria] to increase production of ATP.

Increases Tissue Strength: Stimulates collagen synthesis and fibroblast activity for increased tissue strength. Studies show that injured tissues treated with IR light are markedly stronger after recovery than with natural healing alone.

Increases Circulation: Causes increases production of nitric oxide (NO) which creates a non-thermal vasodilatation of capillaries in the treatment area.
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