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"Throughout my 15 year career in the NFL, I played in over 120 games. After many years of wear and tear, and multiple surgeries, I wasn't sure how long my career would last. It is no coincidence that my most productive years as a pro were in Kansas City. I began working with Marty DeCourcy in 2001. My next 6 years with the Chiefs we made the playoffs twice and I was named a Pro Bowler 2 times. During that time I started 81 consecutive games, which is a Chiefs quarterback record. That is due in large part to Marty and his ability to get me ready to play, week in and week out. Football is a demanding sport and the technique that Marty uses got me ready to play every week. Whether you're an up and coming athlete, a pro athlete, or a weekend warrior, Marty DeCourcy can help you perform at a higher level on the field."
-Trent Green, Former NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback

"When I first saw TJ, I was a young student-athlete with a back and neck that I had messed up in high school. Now, my dreams of becoming a professional athlete have come true as I am one of the top-ranked pole vaulters in the world. TJ has been one of the key factors in my success, and I can easily say I would not have made it to where I am today without him. It wasn't until working with TJ that I realized I could have a strong, healthy back and neck again, and get back to pole vaulting pain-free. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me TJ. I'm excited to see how far we can go together!"
-Jordan Scott, Professional Pole Vaulter and U.S. Olympic Hopeful

"During my 28 years as an athletic trainer in the NFL, with 7 of those years being with the Kansas City Chiefs, the Active Release Technique has been an integral part of the care that has been provided to the players. I implement the use of ART® not only for the treatment of injuries but also as a source of injury prevention and even to aid in performance enhancement. Dr. Marty deCourcy and Dr. T.J. Hackler have been very professional in their approach to treating our athletes. Their services have been implemented throughout the year as they assisted us during off season, training camp and game day preparation and recovery. Our athletic training program in Kansas City has appreciated their contributions to the care of our players’ and staff’s injury prevention and rehab. I would recommend ART® and Dr. Marty deCourcy and Dr. T.J. Hackler to any athlete who is serious about staying healthy and injury free."
-David Price, Head Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club

“Working with TJ Hackler has been a blessing to say the least. The NFL is a physical and demanding sport. Our bodies are our moneymakers and TJ’s experience through his work as a chiropractor has tuned my body every week during the football season. I’m sure I use him more than anyone on my team and it has been the trick that has helped me become the oldest player on my team! Thanks TJ!"
-Derrick Johnson, Pro Bowl Linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs

"As a professional track athlete, I have to keep my body performing at an optimal level. I have been seeing TJ Hackler since 2010 and the effectiveness of his service is evident in my performance results:
2014 USA Indoor 400 m Champion
2014 IAAF World Indoor 400 m Bronze Medalist
2015 IAAF World Record Indoor 4 x 400 m Relay
2016 Olympic 4 x 400 m Relay Champions
Thank you for helping me keep my engine fine-tuned!"
-Kyle Clemons, Olympic Gold Medalist

"I was a complete wreck, and after three different friends referred me, I went to see Dr. Stanker. Two different surgeons had indicated that I needed a total of five different surgical procedures done. When I went to see Dr. Stanker, I had two already scheduled for my right hand. After 4-5 treatments I was able to cancel the surgeries. Dr. Stanker confidently fixed my hand, cautiously started working on my left rotator cuff impingment, and was able to advise me and direct me in a way that enabled me to cancel the surgery for my left foot peroneal tendon. Dr. Stanker has changed my life. Thank you."

"When I first came in to see Dr. Stanker, I had unbearable headaches, numbness and tingling of the scalp; along with neck and shoulder pain. Due to Dr. Stanker’s unique approach and ART, all my headaches and neck pain have subsided, and the tingling and numbness in my scalp has gone away. My quality of life has increased due to his treatments and attention to my pain. Dr. Stanker is extremely attentive to my concerns and addresses them appropriately. I will recommend him to anyone who is in chronic pain. Any area Dr. Stanker has treated has greatly improved and decreased my pain substantially, and I haven’t had to come back as often!"
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